Joe Biden’s immigration avalanche is about to bury him

As the country erupts over the horrorshow at the southern border, the White House is doing battle — not with the armed gangs infiltrating our country or the tens of thousands of people illegally streaming across our border, but with the governor of Texas, who is trying to protect his citizens from the unruly horde.  

Gov. Greg Abbott has directed the construction of razor wire barriers to prevent people entering between legal ports of entry; the White House has gotten permission from the Supreme Court to take them down

In addition, Republicans in Congress have demanded that the Biden administration secure the border in exchange for greenlighting aid to Ukraine and Israel.  

This is easy, folks. Give the GOP the rules changes they want and 1) Biden’s border catastrophe gets better, generating fewer appalling headlines, and 2) the U.S. meets its promises and Biden can keep chirping that “America is back.”  

Our clueless president disagrees. This issue could literally defeat Joe Biden, and he is fighting everything and anything that could make the situation better.

Day after day, prodded to justify the ever-higher numbers of migrants landing in cities and towns across the U.S., the White House has offered up the same tired lament: if only the Republicans in Congress had acted on Biden’s immigration proposal, the problem would be solved. 

Has anyone bothered to read that bill? A review shows this: the White House whine is absurd.