President Biden just achieved the worst 3rd-year approval rating since Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter has got to be loving that he lived long enough to see a worse President than him!

And the American people seem to agree.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings have sunk so low they rival Carter’s at his lowest point.

President Biden’s average job approval rating during his third year in office was the lowest of any U.S. president since President Carter, according to a Gallup survey published Thursday.

During Biden’s third year — which extended from Jan. 20, 2023, to Jan. 19, 2024 — he had an average job approval rating of 39.8 percent in Gallup polls.

Yeah, that’s his average for the entire year.

Couldn’t even crack the 40% mark!

Biden is doing worse on approval during year 3 of any President except Jimmy Carter who had a paltry 37.4% rating for his year 3 performance, setting up the Reagan Revolution.

And Biden’s disaster may be setting up another revolution of sorts.

In The Hill/Decision Desk HQ’s national polling average of hypothetical Biden-Trump match-ups in 2024, Trump leads by 2.2 points with 43.8 percent support followed by Biden’s 41.6 percent support.


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