Joe Biden trolls NFL conspiracy theorists with Chiefs victory post: ‘Just like we drew it up’

President Biden trolled right-wing conspiracy theorists who believe Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce is a ploy to help catapult the Democrat to reelection this year with a one-sentence tweet following the Kansas City Chiefs’ dramatic Super Bowl win Sunday.

Biden posted, “Just like we drew it up” on both X and Instagram along with an image of the “Dark Brandon” meme — a photo of the president with red lasers for eyes — in reference to the far-out-there conspiracy that was crafted leading up to Super Bowl LVIII.

Online commentators, mostly on the far-right, have peddled the tinfoil hat theory that the Super Bowl matchup was rigged – along with which team would win it – so Swift, who they claim is in a phony relationship with Kelce, would be as popular as ever to then endorse Biden for the White House.

Biden, 81, and his campaign team also had fun with the conspiracy theorists before the opening kickoff in a TikTok video.

A staffer asked Biden on video if the commander-in-chief was “deviously plotting” so the Chiefs could make the Super Bowl or are the Chiefs just a good team. Biden replied: “I’d get in trouble if I tell you that” before the clip cut to the “Dark Brandon” meme again.

The meme originated with the right as a play on the anti-Biden slogan “Let’s Go Brandon,” but was reclaimed by Democrats and embraced by the president’s campaign, who used it to mischievously toy with the NFL-Swift conspiracists Sunday.


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