Tucker Gets Used & Abused by His Daddy Vladdy

It didn’t exactly go as he hoped.

Putin fanboy Tucker Carlson finally got to meet his hero. According to right-wingers, this was the interview that was going to set the world on fire. “Break the Internet” is what I saw in post after post from MAGA. The greatest, most insightful interviewer in modern history was going to sit down in a penetrating and revealing tête-à-tête that was going to change the world. Free-thinking people all over the globe, who may have been skeptical before about the justness of Putin’s cause in Ukraine, were finally going to see the light thanks to Tucker’s ability to reveal the truth from the man himself.

I guarantee it didn’t go the way Tucker expected. That is why it was so good.

The Kremlin signaled even before the interview that this might not exactly be smooth sailing for Tucker. With the amount of airtime and adoration he is given on Russian State TV, and as the leading Putin sycophant in US media, he surely expected a warm reception and gratitude from the Kremlin for everything he has done for them to turn a segment of the public against Ukraine