Kansas City shooting: One dead and 21 injured near Super Bowl parade

One person has died, and 21 people were wounded in a shooting in Missouri at the end of the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory parade.

Officials said they treated eight victims who were in immediately life-threatening condition and seven others who had suffered injuries that could prove life-threatening. Nine children were among the wounded – all are expected to recover. Police said they have arrested three suspects in connection to the shooting.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves said a total of 22 people were struck by gunfire, one of whom is dead, and three individuals were arrested. More than 800 police officers were already on the scene to monitor the parade. Ms Graves said they responded immediately after the gunshots broke out and detectives who were on the scene quickly opened an investigation. The fire brigade also sprang to action, administering aid to the injured. A local radio station said one of its DJs, Lisa Lopez, was killed in the shooting.

The surviving victims were transported to three local hospitals, officials said, with the immediately life-threatening cases taken to hospital within ten minutes of the shooting. Nine children aged six to 15 with gunshot wounds are being treated at Children’s Mercy Hospital, chief nursing officer Stephanie Meyer said

In a statement, US President Joe Biden also reflected on the issue of gun violence in the country. “Today’s events should move us, shock us, shame us into action,” he said, as he called for gun reform and a ban on assault rifles in the US.



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