We found another category to go under the plus sign in LGBTQ+

Man, that + at the end of LGBTQ+ sure is carrying A LOT of weight.

Here’s a real headline from The Economist informing you that marrying your cousin, it’s no big deal!

(Okay, that’s for all the Arrested Development fans out there).

It’s like we’re going back in time, but only to save the worst parts of it.

The Economist story talks about how there’s a relatively low risk of genetic issues from offsprings of first cousin marriages and how, throughout history, it’s been a common thing up until just a century or two ago.

Is it really ok to kiss your cousin?

Geneticists mostly say that it is, with some caveats. In 2021 the National Society of Genetic Counsellors (nsgc) published updated guidelines for consanguineous couples (people descended from the same ancestor) and their offspring. The risk to offspring is greater, but the increase is quite small. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention about 3% of all babies born in America have birth defects. The nsgc guidelines state that for “couples with no known genetic disorders in the family, there is an additional 1.7% to 2.8% risk for significant birth defects.”

Well, I guess if The Science™ says it’s ok…


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