Remember Biden Talking About That 1974 Classified Doc? It Was So Much Worse Than That

We’ve been talking for some time about how bad Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal was compared to former President Donald Trump’s situation. Trump had things transported to Mar-a-Lago only from the time he was president, when he was allowed to have access to them, with Secret Service protection. The issue was over what needed to be returned.

But as I’ve noted in the past, Biden himself admitted there was a document going back to 1974, when he didn’t even have any right to have anything from the time he was a Senator. Then after the Hur report dropped, Biden spoke about their investigation spanning “40 years.” That set off alarm bells about how bad this was, and the media hasn’t really been focusing on that part, so I wanted to make sure everyone saw it.

He had classified documents, including from the 1970s and 80s, all over his house–when as a Senator, he had no right to any documents outside of a SCIF. Read this and imagine what would happen to you if you were anyone else other than Joe Biden.

Agents seized items that fell primarily into two categories: (1) boxes or folders containing documents with classification markings, most of which date to the 1970s and relate to foreign trips Mr. Eiden took as a senator; and (2) notebooks containing his handwritten notes from his time as vice president relating to foreign policy and national security. Two of these notebooks had marked classified documents stored inside them. and several notebooks contained handwritten information that was itself classified.

In Mr. Biden’s garage, agents found several documents with classification markings dating from Mr. Biden’s time in the Senate in the 1970s and 1980s. Some of those documents relate to foreign trips Mr. Biden took as a senator, some of which he chronicled in his 2007 memoir, Promises to Keep. Agents found those Senate-era documents in a storage closet in Mr. Biden’s garage.

In Mr. Biden’s main-floor office, basement den, and second-floor office, agents found and seized seventeen notebooks and a stack of notecards, all of which contained Mr. Biden’s handwritten notes on foreign policy and national security matters as vice president. Two of the notebooks, found in the main-floor office, had documents with classification markings stored inside them. Elsewhere in the house, agents found one document with classification markings in the third-level den. And in an office attached to the primary bedroom on the second level agents found a binder (similar to a binder previously found in the garage). which contained most of the same marked classified documents as the binder found in the garage.

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