Staged video of Biden getting SOTU tips from actors who played president does not go over well

There were widespread reports at the first of the week on what one of the central themes of Joe Biden’s upcoming State of the Union address was going to be:

To paraphrase, it will boil down to asking the American people: “Whose side are you on? America’s or Donald Trump’s?”

While portraying oneself as the only true upholder and defender of America’s ideals is a political campaign tactic that is as old as time, openly seeking out advice from celebrities who have played the role of an elected official in TV shows and movies is… most certainly not. That is unless you happen to be the octogenarian President of the United States and you desperately need help in the “looking aware and relatable” department.

Incredibly, that is exactly what Joe Biden’s handlers treated voters to on Thursday, sharing to the official POTUS Twitter account a highly staged clip of the purported leader of the free world consulting via video conference with Hollywood celebrity “presidents” on how to give a good speech ahead of the State of the Union.

Among the actors who appeared in the video were Morgan Freeman, Bill Pullman, and Michael Douglas.

I kid you not:

Some of the responses to the cringe clip joked about other celebrity “presidents” who weren’t included, like Harrison Ford, Kevin Kline, and Martin Sheen.

But there were a lot of folks who pointed out how they couldn’t believe that Biden and his team thought it would be a smart idea to showcase him seeking advice for one of the most important speeches a world leader will ever give from people who had no experience whatsoever in that role.

“Who at the real White House thought this was a good idea?!?! Yikes,” Ric Grenell, former acting DNI under Trump, also wondered

The same people who thought that Seth Meyers softball “interview” Biden did would go over well.

Except when it didn’t.


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