A simple question

The last three OPs I’ve published have spawned comments, but virtually nobody has addressed the topics that I’ve suggested… please, people, please… let’s discuss the topics that are suggested in OPs rather than something entirely different.

For this OP, a simple question:

Is it morally acceptable, in your view, for a man to f*** his slave?

Of course… there is a reason I’m asking the question… and that is that EVERY SINGLE ABRAHAMIC FAITH suggests that the creator of the universe is quite okay with this behaviour… don’t forget that old father slave-f***er Abraham was blessed by God, according to the traditions.

For the avoidance of any doubt about my position: I do not think that slavery is acceptable in any circumstances, far less the sexual exploitation of slaves. Nor do I believe that Abraham was a real boy, or that modern people ought to get their morality from Bronze Age traditions.