Just one… one good reason…

Jewish Bible, Catholic Bible, Qur’an, King James Version, New World Translation, Book of Mormon, Apocalypse of Peter, A Course in Miracles… take your pick…

Can anybody here provide a SINGLE good reason to think that any of them is anything other than a human fabrication?

Please note that:
1. “A bomb went off and killed some people; I was there but God saved me” or any other personal anecdote has nothing to do with any holy texts.
2. “Reading the book has changed my life” does not establish that the book is anything other than a human fabrication.
3. If you want to argue by way of prophecy, at the bare minimum you’ll need to:

  • Find an unambiguous prophecy
  • Demonstrate when the prophecy was made
  • Demonstrate that (and when) the prophecy was fulfilled
  • Explain how this supports the whole book