‘None Of Your F**king Business!’ Stunning Chris Wallace-Larry David Exchange Somehow Includes Barbara Walters And ‘Giving Head’

Wallace interviewed David for this week’s edition of his Max series Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace on a variety of topics, including politics, his signature cringe-com Curb Your Enthusiasm, and his persona.

In an interview chock full of Curb-style moments, the most surreal/cringe involved David cursing Wallace and his late father, and wondering if the late Ms. Walters would have tolerated being asked about her marital sex life in graphic detail:

WALLACE: Alright, I want to ask you a question.

DAVID: Sure. Sure. What do you got?

WALLACE: Because my father always said, people are fascinated by how much rich people are worth. I remember him famously asking Johnny Carson once, what’s he’s worth? There’s a lot of talk-

DAVID: That’s terrible. Terrible question to ask. Who’s your father think he was, by the way?

WALLACE: I think we know.

DAVID: Yeah, we know, but still.

WALLACE: Okay, so here’s the question.

DAVID: I hope. I hope that Johnny Carson said him, Mike. None of your business. That’s none of your business.

WALLACE: He in effect said that. So here’s the question.

DAVID: Yeah.

WALLACE: On the internet. I actually looked, the over under is half a billion dollars. We’re not doing a spit take here.

DAVID: By the way, I’m out of water. Okay. I’m out.

WALLACE: You’re out of water?

DAVID: Yeah. Is there anybody? Can I get more water here?

WALLACE: No that’s it. That was the allotment.

DAVID: That was my allotment?

WALLACE: No, I’m sorry.

DAVID: How! First of all-

WALLACE: You know what, we’ve had, I’ve done 100 interviews-

DAVID: How dare you!

WALLACE: I’ve done 100 interviews. I’ve done 100 interviews and everybody takes that amount of water and they pace themselves through the show.

DAVID: Well, I-

WALLACE: That’s it.

DAVID: I didn’t think we’d be going this long.

WALLACE: I think you’re avoiding the question.

DAVID: Oh, avoiding the question? I’m gonna say-

WALLACE: Over or under half a billion dollars?

DAVID: I’m gonna say what should have been said to your father. None of your fucking business. How about that? And that’s ridiculous. That’s ridiculous.


DAVID: What you just said?

WALLACE: What? Half a billion?

DAVID: That number is so preposterous. Okay. Ridiculous.

WALLACE: How about $100 million dollars?

DAVID: Okay, how about you shut up? Okay. How about you shut up? Is that alright?

WALLACE: I gotta say, you know, 100 interviews. Nobody’s ever said that to me before.

DAVID: Well just shut up.

WALLACE: Okay. All right. We got that straight. You started in stand up in the 1970s.

DAVID: Oh yeah, Okay.

WALLACE: In 2016 and 2020. I’m trying to get over the shut up. But yeah, it stings. In 2016 and 2020, you…

DAVID: Trying to get over the what?

WALLACE: The sting of “you shut up”? I’d say it’s a little hurtful.

DAVID: Ohhh haha. Hurtful? What about your question? What kind of question is that?

WALLACE: It’s a perfectly legitimate…You know, what Barbara Walters said? There’s no such thing as an indiscreet question. (Really.) There are only indiscreet answers.

DAVID: Oh, okay. (Okay.) Yeah, I don’t think that’s true.

WALLACE: It’s a good line, though.

DAVID: It’s a good line.

WALLACE: For an interviewer.

DAVID: It’s good line. but it’s nonsense. (In 2016…) And I wonder how Barbara Walters would react. Barbara, how many times a week do you have sex with your husband? Do you give him head? Do you think she’d like that?

WALLACE: Well I’d think she’d say there’s no such thing as an indiscreet…I’m just not gonna…none of your business! (Yeah,) I don’t think she would have said shut up.

DAVID: Oh okay. (In 20…) I really stung you with that.

WALLACE: It’s not nice. You may need to send me a note tomorrow apologizing. (laughs)