Three Republican senators being sued for defamation

This week, a Kansas man filed a federal lawsuit against three Republican senators. The lawsuit states the lawmakers used their social media platforms to repost a picture of Denton Loudermill, claiming he was an illegal alien and a shooter at the Chief’s Super Bowl Rally. “We’ve done nothing and I have no comment,” Senator Rick Brattin, D-Harrisonville, said.

Senators Rick Brattin, Nick Schroer, and Denny Hoskins are all being sued by Loudermill for defamation. The three did not show up to the weekly press conference Thursday like they normally do. Like many other people that day, Kansas City Police initially detained Loudermill; however, they claimed he had nothing to do with the shooting. The senator’s posts have since been taken down.

Loudermill is asking for $75,000 in damages from each lawmaker, stating he’s received death threats and incurred loss of sleep and anxiety. The hearings have not been scheduled yet.

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