Michael Cohen’s lawyer says Trump will be incarcerated if convicted

Michael Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, said that there is no doubt that Trump will be incarcerated if he is convicted in Manhattan.

Davis said when MSNBC’s Jen Psaki asked about jail time for Trump if he is convicted, He most certainly will go to jail for this because he can’t pardon himself. Let me repeat this. He’s going to if he’s elected president, I hope that won’t take place. He says he will pardon himself, and he probably will try, but he cannot be pardoned from a criminal conviction by a jury of a state crime. He must go to jail. I would not favor putting him behind bars. I would favor a house arrest, something less than behind bars because he’s an ex-president. But there’s no question he will be incarcerated either on house arrest or behind bars. If he’s convicted.”

For years,  people have been saying that Trump should go to jail, or be behind bars. Starting tomorrow, Trump’s incarceration could be on the path to reality.

Lanny Davis was probably correct. Given Trump’s circumstances—a nearly 80-year-old ex-president with no prior criminal convictions—the odds are that if he is found guilty, He will be sentenced to some form of House arrest.

How any Trump incarceration might impact the 2024 presidential campaign would be very interesting. If Trump is on house arrest, would he campaign via Zoom calls? Having Trump unable to physically campaign would be crushing for the Republican Party.

Republicans would be getting what they asked for when they nominated a candidate facing 91 felony counts to be their presidential candidate.

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