Fox News Host Stops Kevin McCarthy After Puzzling Comment: You’re Saying Biden Should ‘Meddle With The Justice System’ in Trump’s Favor?!

On Sunday’s MediaBuzz, Kurtz read a statement Joe Biden gave about Trump’s legal problems:

His lack of ethics has nothing to do with me. I have not once talked to anyone in my administration about Trump’s legal problems.

“What proof do you have to the contrary?” Kurtz asked McCarthy.

“Isn’t it come out before, too, where he even in his own words proves that’s not true?” McCarthy answered. “When he was complaining to — in his staff about Trump and the legal issues?”

Kurtz said, “Wait, isn’t there a difference between complaining privately to your own staff and trying to meddle with the levers of justice?”

MCCARTHY: I think fairness is a word that’s probably a really powerful word in America. Is it really fair that the nominee for one party is now within, is in a trial this close to a presidency? Also is it actually fair to the voters…? Why wouldn’t Joe Biden, caring about the voters say, “You know what? This is wrong. If I had nothing to do with this, they should not have this trial right now so the American people could actually spend time on what the issues are.” That would be the real issue for Biden to take.

KURTZ: Hold on — so you’re saying you did want President Biden, or you do want him, to meddle with the justice system, just in favor of Donald Trump?