I challenge you to find a person stupider than Trump

Even if somehow, someway you thought Donald Trump had “good policies,” I don’t see how you deny that he’s a moron. Not just the stupidest President ever — that’s kind of a given — but one of the stupidest adults you’d ever actually meet. He’s not just some jamoke you sat next to at your cousin’s wedding — how does a sitting President not know that Ukraine is a separate country? That’s what his former foreign affairs advisor Fiona Hill claims in a recent interview.

“Trump made it very clear that he thought, you know, that Ukraine, and certainly Crimea, must be part of Russia,” Hill, senior director for European and Russian affairs on the US national security council between 2017 and 2019…”

“He really could not get his head around the idea that Ukraine was an independent state.”

Seems like Trump gets his geography lessons from a certain Russian dictator:.

This… meant Trump’s view of Ukraine was “essentially identical” to that of Vladimir Putin, the Russian president who would order an invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, a year after Trump left office.

This might be the most perfect and extreme example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect — he’s positive he knows everything and yet he literally knows nothing.