Trump’s Desperate Bid to Stop Ukraine Aid Fails

A huge win for the free world

Trump and his House minions fiercely opposed the legislation, which will appropriate more than $60 billion to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia.

In recent months, Trump said he would let Russia “do whatever the hell they want” to our NATO allies, he told Hungary’s dictator he wouldn’t give a penny to Ukraine, and said we should pause Ukraine funding until federal agencies turned over evidence—that doesn’t exist—for the bogus GOP “investigation” into Biden.

Trump called in Marjorie Taylor Greene to try and stop the funding by threatening the Speaker’s job, but that failed miserably. Donald also brought Mike Johnson to Mar-a-Lago to try and win him over. That failed too.

The only thing Trump and his campaign succeeded at was in delaying the aid, which surely led to many innocent people being killed. I bet Putin was proud.