It’s… Happening!

(Hypothetically, of course.)

What would you do if something happened, anything really, that tested what we think we “know”?

For the Athiest this would be proof… either the direct kind where God shows up to your door step and takes you out for the best day of your life, or just irrefutable data points that prove the existence of ‘God’ in whatever way lines up with reality.

For the Theist this would be anything that happens in a way thats unexpected, per se. There are different interpretations of what to expect; an easy one to bring up is the expectation of flying off with Jesus when that time comes. Let’s say he walks up to us… he has no wings; we don’t get wings either, but we walk off with him none the less.

For the Atheist

How do you think you would handle that kind of system shock? Do you think you would be better or worse off from a mental angle?

For the Theist

It’s the same idea… lets say we really had our hopes up for a pair of wings and a harp. This is of course a silly example, but say we only get a harp instead. How would you feel if your expections were not met under similar context?

– Matt 🙂



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