Life’s ultimate questions

When Christians look at the revelation from Scripture there lies a lot of confirmation on its integrity.

What proof do atheists have for their worldview? Outside of trying to claim that the Bible/God is bad, I have never heard a logical and reasonable positive argument for atheism.

Making a strawman out of God and then attacking the strawman is not proof of atheism. At best, you might prove that Christianity is wrong but that’s way short of proving atheism.

There is positive proof of God’s existence there is just none for atheism.

There are literally hundreds of logical arguments for the existence of God on the Internet and in literature. And few of those are based on denigrating atheism but on the positive evidence we have in nature, history, archaeology, fulfilled prophecies, etc.,verifying%20the%20Bible’s%20historical%20integrity.&text=The%20Dead%20Sea%20Scrolls%20provide,for%20over%20a%20thousand%20years.

Now granted the Bible is probably the most attacked book in history. This brings up George Orwell who was an atheist and said, “The further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those who speak it.” I would say those who love truth will see the truth no matter what vessel it comes from.

But appears that the atheism argument is, “We don’t like the God of the Bible”. But if you are in opposition to authority there is a tendency not to like authority.

On a very basic human level, we could say that no one can prove these issues either way. So what seems to be sensible is to look at all the evidence available to us and consider the principle of the best explanation.

At a basic level, the universe is staring us in the face and for those who accept science then we know two things 1) the universe did not always exist which means 2) we have a material universe out of no material properties i.e. a universe out of nothing. Which worldview explains that the best without throwing science under the bus?

What are the ramifications if your worldview is incorrect?

Considering that there were twenty or so laws and constraints that were so finely tuned that we can exist, is chance the best explanation?

Can nothing (no time, space, matter, or energy) create?

Since nothing has no resources to create anything what’s the best explanation for our existence?

John Keefe

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