Inner Monologue… Do you have one? Is it smarter than you?

I’ll start off… if you can read this in your head, congratulations; you have an inner monologue. πŸ˜—πŸ‘

That’s the initial consideration. The fact that we have this invisible voice is rather enigmatic on it’s own. I’m using it to write while I assume everyone else is using it to read what I write.

A deeper consideration would be if you’ve ever consulted with yourself using this inner voice? It’s possible to daydream along with those thoughts so there is the capability for mental visuals as well.

1. Do you have an inner monologue?

2. Can you see imagery while thinking about stuff?

If both of those are yes…

3. Does it feel like inside ‘you’ is smarter than outside ‘you’? (There’s probably a better way to word that but anyone’s guess is as good as mine. :p)

-Matt πŸ™‚



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