Vile ideologies

What is or is not “vile” is, ultimately, a personal opinion. In my personal opinion, any ideology which essentially treats vast swathes of humanity as evil is vile.

Oh… perhaps a definition would be in order…

Vile: (extremely unpleasant) and/or (morally bad; wicked)

Most forms of Christianity, especially those that stick closely to what the Christian Bible states clearly, hold that:

1. All human hearts are evil
2. All humans deserve to be tortured forever
3. Most humans will be tortured forever, by appointment of a just deity

The various Christianities, though, for the avoidance of doubt, are not the only ideologies that hold to these three views. Many forms of Islam, for instance, hold to the same basic positions.

To my mind, if you hold to these three claims then your ideology is vile.

The questions for discussion in this OP, then, are these:

1. Are ideologies that consider vast swathes of humans to be evil vile?
2. Is teaching children to value humans as worthy of infinite torture a good and noble thing to do?