Europe Begins the Long, Hard March Back From the Abyss After Stunning Right-Wing Election Victories

For the in-power Social Democrats, it was an absolute disaster, with some press outlets calling it a “humiliating” and “crushing blow.” Garnering just 16 percent of the vote, the left-wing party ended up with its worst total in a national election in over a century. Things are so bad that some are predicting the entire government coalition could collapse.

Other right-wing parties, including those from Italy, Belgium, and Spain, also saw gains, leaving one thing certain: Europeans are starting the long, hard march back from the abyss.

To be sure, long-term changes won’t come easily. A civilization can only dig the hole so deep before it becomes increasingly unlikely they can escape it. For decades, Europe has participated in a form of attempted continental suicide regarding its economic and immigration policies.

For many years, most Europeans were too afraid to react to what was happening around them. They had been indoctrinated since birth to believe that admitting some cultures are superior to others (i.e. Western liberalism vs. Islamic barbarism) equaled bigotry. Finally, though, they are waking up to the destruction of their once-safe communities and way of life.

It’s not just immigration that is driving a rightward shift in Europe, though. Rather it’s an overarching sense that radical elites are benefiting while normal people are left languishing. The European Union has become a dumping ground for pompous imbeciles who think it is their birthright to “save” the world. All they’ve done is cause its misery, though, whether we are talking about the self-destructive obsession with “climate change” or the never-ending encroachment of the state on basic liberties.

You can only push people so far. That tipping point will always be a moving target, but for the moment, it feels like Europe has reached it.