USA drohen mit Truppenabzug: Deutsche reagieren mit kollektivem Winken (US threatens to withdraw troops: Germans react with collective waving)

Freitag, 9. August 2019

Berlin (dpo) – Well then, it’s good! In response to the US Ambassador’s threat to withdraw US troops from Germany if the federal government does not increase defense spending, most of the population today responded with spontaneous waving.

“Tschühüüüüüs!” Cries Astrid Röttmeier (32) from Wiesbaden, while she wags with a cloth handkerchief. “Pity you have to leave, but travelers should not be stopped, we’ll miss you, do not forget your nuclear missiles!”

Also Kevin Beck (20) from the vicinity of Ramstein beckons frenetically. “Goodbye! Come home well, and take with you the equipment with which you so much from Germany from combat drones controlled worldwide and have violated thousands of people at the push of a button in violation of international law!”

Sarah Brdaric (72) from Ansbach says goodbye from the window: “Hello, we will somehow manage without our dangerous neighbors like Switzerland and Luxembourg!”

US Ambassador Richard Grenell said after these first reactions to the threat of withdrawal: “Well, if everyone asks us so nicely, we’ll postpone the troop withdrawal, but the defense spending needs to go up, otherwise … we’ll stay forever!”