My New Religion of Mythurgia

Listen, folks, last night I saw a dream, and this dream totally transformed by worldview! I have seen the whole universe, from macro-level of stars and galaxies to the play of energies and frequencies on the micro-level, and how it’s all interconnected, in the past, present and future. I am at a loss how to put this understanding into human words, so majestic and all-pervading it is. And by the way, the Tower of Babel wasn’t built, it emerged from under the ground in a few seconds, pushing aside the neighbouring buildings. It was a very impressive spectacle!

But the main message that I have for you, folks, is that we all live in the world of myths, taking them for reality, and sometimes participating in their creation, but without true awareness of what’s going on. That is why I invite you all to join my new religion of Mythurgia to learn detecting the myths around us as a first step, distancing from them, and eventually becoming the masters of myths instead of being their slaves! (I have not taken the final decision on its name, this one reflects the essence but doesn’t seem very well-sounding to me, do you have any better suggestions?)

So, have you ever thought about the role which myths play in our lives?

Are you ready to follow me, the new prophet of the new religion of Mythurgia, on the path of comprehending the true meaning of life, and to the might and glory of becoming the masters of myths ruling this world?

PS: dear brethren in disbelief, please, relax, I have not suddenly gone nuts and I am still an atheist. This OP is just a mental exercise, which, I hope, can help looking at familiar ideas from a new perspective. And I am planning a series of discussions examining most popular myths, both religious and non-religious.