Opinions | Trump is in serious danger, and his own advisers know it

There is one aspect of Donald Trump’s presidency that continues to be under-appreciated: The extraordinary length to which he and his propagandists regularly go mask his political weakness and record of profound failure.

To put this a bit differently, Trump’s conduct is so outsize and crazy, and his advisers’ defenses of it are so strained and absurd, that we often end up overlooking the much more mundane explanation for all of this — that Trump is failing on many fronts, and as a result, he and his advisers fear he’ll lose reelection.

Politico has an illuminating new report that helps pry loose this mask. The gist is that Trump’s own advisers are aware that there are multiple flashing indicators right now that very well may put Trump’s reelection in serious doubt.

Among these: Trump’s trade war with China will likely worsen; his rewrite of the North American Free Trade Agreement may not pass Congress, denying him a badly-needed victory on a signature issue; and the likelihood of a recession has increased.


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