Holocene struggles

Greetings dearly interested participants,

Today I would like to ask you to share your opinion on man’s struggle for survival and the resultant development of culture since the advent of what is known as the Holocene (about 10-12 thousand years ago).

On the previous inception of this channel we would often have a user post the “evolution” of religious activities through time. Considering the developments of some religions over others, it might be intersting to not that we DO have quite some information about the habits of our predecessors.

Most of this information comes from archeological digs on Burial Mounds and related Megalithic structures such as Passage Graves and Dolmens. Artefacts found in situ may reveal some critical aspects about the habits of our ancestors.

Of interest to me are the Grave Goods that we often find within the sites contrasted by the finds in places such as peat bogs. I will try to show some examples later, but copyright can be an issue so I will take care with that.

q1) Do you view the development of religion through time as evidenced by archeology as a functional complement to your practice (or non-practice)?

q2) What do you feel about the great “similarity” (superficial) of all the great megalithic grave sites that are known to occur throught the world? Do you also think it is linked to something else than structural engineering or not?

q3) Do you think the change in the climate since the end of the Weichsel Ice age has contributed to the formations of certain communities and their resulting religion?


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