Yes, Evolution is Predictable and Yes, it Can be Observed in Real Time

Many creationists love to use the old ‘If I can’t see it happening, then it’s not believable.’ argument against evolution.  Funny they don’t apply that same argument to their own supernatural claims.

The following excerpt is from an article about how flu vaccines are created, using real-time observations of evolution in action.

“Evolution is generally thought of as a slow process that is hardly noticable over a period of several years. By contrast, microorganisms often mutate very rapidly and can develop new characteristics in the space of weeks. These microorganisms include many pathogens, and their continuous adaptations can have a dramatic impact on the health of plants, animals and humans, especially when pathogens become resistant to drugs.”

“The rapid advance of sequencing technology has made it possible to closely observe the evolution and spread of pathogens, for example influenza viruses. Every month, the Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System sequences hundreds of influenza viruses. To model and analyze these data intuitively and in real time, the Research Group led by Richard Neher, together with scientists from Seattle, have set up the website. Fig. 1 shows how the website presents the temporal and geographical spread of influenza virus variants. This type of data analysis can assist regulatory authorities to update seasonal influenza vaccines to match the changing virus populations. Similarly, phylogenies can help to track transmission chains in the case of other viral diseases, for example Ebola, and inform containment efforts.”

Question:  Since evolution is an observable and predictable natural process, is there a reasonable argument to be made against it?

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