Super Normal Right-Wing Talk Show Discusses Killing Antifascists In Their Sleep

Last week, Lars Larson, the host of the nationally syndicated right-wing talk show “The Lars Larson Show,” brought on a guest by the name of Shane Kohlfield. Kohlfield, a former Marine, made the news late last month after having all of his guns taken away. Why? Because he stood in front of the house of the mayor of Portland and explained, in great detail, his plan to murder all of the anti-fascists in their sleep.

Kohlfield claims that this plan is merely a “nuclear deterrent,” just in case Antifa starts going around murdering people, which, as we all know, is the step right after throwing a milkshake at someone’s head (there is a joke in there somewhere about The Cherry Sisters). He will probably be waiting a heck of a long time for this to occur, because killing people to achieve political ends is primarily a right-wing thing these days. I could be wrong, but I think the last time an organized Leftist group actually killed anyone in America, a young Patty Hearst was involved. That was a while ago!

But people like Kohlfield and Larson really like to pretend that Antifa represents some kind of serious terroristic threat, probably in hopes of making people forget that the vast majority of domestic terrorism incidents come from right-wing groups. Or because they think that if they can present themselves as the oppressed victims of Antifa, they will obtain some form of social leverage.

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