YouTube bans insults based on race, gender expression and sexual orientation

Google-owned YouTube will no longer allow anyone on its platform to post content that “maliciously insults” others based on protected traits including race, gender expression and sexual orientation, the company announced Wednesday.

The change, which was issued as part of YouTube’s regular harassment policy update, comes after the company was forced to publicly address a harassment claim one of its creators lodged against another. In late May, Vox journalist Carlos Maza, who identifies as gay, spoke out about repeated harassment he said he experienced from conservative YouTube host Steven Crowder, who regularly made fun of Maza’s race and sexual orientation.

Maza’s story sparked a public outcry against YouTube, urging the company to take action against Crowder. YouTube initially said Crowder’s comments didn’t violate its policies, although they were “hurtful.” Shortly after, YouTube flip-flopped and decided to suspend Crowder’s monetization on the platform. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki apologized to the LGBTQ community at a tech conference in June but said it was still “the right decision” to conclude the videos did not violate the company’s policies.

Loudmouth Schnook

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