The illogic of it all!

In spite of now being only the third president in U.S. history to be formally impeached (the equivalent of a Grand Jury Indictment, meaning enough evidence is present for the accused to stand trial), recent polls indicate that some three-quarters of evangelicals continue to support Trump as president.

Yet logic would dictate that dropping support for Trump would be a boon to the evangelical cause, by way of getting Trump’s successor, Mike Pence, as the new president; I would think a “dream come true” for the evangelicals.

  • Question: Is it illogical for evangelicals to continue to steadfastly support Trump when they could have Pence as his replacement?  Explain that (what I’d call) “non-sequitur evangelical mindset” to us non-Christians.
[Is it, paraphrased, “Bird in hand worth the one in the bush that might not get a lot of flight time?”]

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