Trump Reminds Everyone He Hasn’t Been Impeached All Decade

WASHINGTON, D.C.—At a rally Friday, President Donald Trump reminded the crowd that he hasn’t been impeached all decade.

“Least corrupt president of this entire decade so far!” he proclaimed triumphantly. “Of all the presidents we’ve had in the ’20s, I’ve been impeached the least.”

Trump also declared he was “the best president of the ’20s so far, by far, no contest, no question about it.”

Fact-checkers scrambled to debunk his claim, but they were forced to admit that this was actually entirely true. A few pedantic people tried to claim that we’re not in a new decade, stating that the decade doesn’t end until 2021, but these people are dumb and just asking to get beat up. It’s the 2020s now, obviously a new decade and to say otherwise is to show that you are not a fun person.

At publishing time, Trump had also reminded everyone that he technically has never been impeached, since Pelosi never sent the articles of impeachment to the Senate.