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By any standard of grossness, greed, venality, sexual infidelity and stupidity Evangelicals must qualify as the No.1 story in 2019. They have lost so heavily in the court of public opinion, one is forced to ask, can evangelicals and the message of the gospel they proclaim recover in two generations. A civil war among evangelicals is the last thing evangelicals need. Consider the following:

1. The alliance of Franklin Graham with President Donald Trump (whether you approve of Trump or not) was the single biggest disaster for American evangelicalism in 2019.

2. Wayne Grudem, a leading Calvinist theologian and prominent complementarian, made the “brilliant” discovery that abuse might be grounds for divorce. Apparently, it took him more than 60 years to discover that in 1 Cor. 7:15,..

3. The Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant and evangelical denomination in the US, discovered they were entangled in a multifaceted sex-abuse crisis and held a high-profile conference on the topic to address it.

4. An editorial in the conservative magazine Christianity Today calling for Trump to be removed from office proved to be an evangelical disaster of Titanic proportions.

5. Across the pond, a leading evangelical vicar in the Church of England, the debonair, suave and smooth-talking Jonathan Fletcher, apparently liked taking saunas with naked young men while massaging them and then beating their naked bottoms. I think this might be the definition of sadomasochism, ya think?

6. You can love him or hate him, but President Donald Trump has galvanized evangelicals as no other president has ever done (and that includes Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan), but in doing, so that galvanization has created cynicism among non-believers making it virtually impossible for them to hear the gospel.

7. The failure of Trump’s unofficial evangelical cabinet to hold Trump accountable for anything makes them less than Nathan the prophet and more like Fonzie of Happy Days.

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