Senate trial is coming. Remain focused, calm and non violent

Mods this is attempt to help us through another very troubling time.  Please allow this to post but if it’s a violation then immediately delete because we can’t very well promote following our Laws by breaking rules.


My Fellow Americans

It appears the Senate Trial for President Donald J. Trump is about to get underway.  It’s guaranteed we’re all going to see and hear a lot of things that will upset us to varying degrees as both sides present their case before the American People.  Now more than ever it’s incumbent upon each and everyone of us to remain calm and at least try to understand each side’s positions as events unfold.

Let’s keep in mind all of this was foreseen by our Framing and Founding Forefathers as they wrote the Constitution which governs everything we do.  They gave us our System of checks and balances based in Rule of Law which we’re morally obligated to follow in principle.  Thus we have to trust in the process itself as designed even though we may not agree with how it’s being applied in this case.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantee our ability to voice dissent without fear or reservation from retribution.  This is a given.  At the same time both Documents and our System very clearly preclude lawlessness perpetuated against anyone over political or social objection.  Let’s stay with this no matter how the trial progresses and whatever verdict the Senate brings forward.

If “our side” or point of view “loses” then we’re obligated to pursue whatever redress we seek through our Legal Process.  These rights are guaranteed and I most strongly encourage all of us to use them as designed with prudence.  Anything else in violation of our Laws will be met with whatever measures Law Enforcement deems necessary to protect our fellow Citizens and America itself.  Rightfully so.  We can’t have American Citizens willfully attacking other American Citizens over political differences.  That’s just plain un-american no matter how anyone tries to justify it.  So let’s respect our Laws and follow them.

Good luck to all “Sides” and points of view.  Let’s have a clean fair trial, exonerate the innocent and let the guilty’s punishment fit whatever crimes they’re convicted of committing.  It’s our American Way.

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