French chef forced to admit secret ingredient in creme souffle was semen after 37 customers contract herpes

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Jacques DeNoiret had previously won many prestigious awards in his decade-long ownership of restaurant Le Gallion, including a coveted Michelin three-star rating.

The restaurant situated in Annecy, in the Haute-Savoie area of France, which borders Switzerland and Italy, had reached enviable status for its creme souffle, which gastronomes from around the world would travel to just for a taste of the high-end dessert.

Chef DeNoiret was also forced to admit that he paid his employees bonuses at work for their production of semen which amounted up to two liters certain days.

“You would masturbate in a cup which you then brought to the chef who would then weigh it in front of you and pay you a bonus at the end of the week,” one former employee told reporters under the guise of anonymity.


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