Many Parents Giving Their Babies Outlandish Names — To Stand Out On Social Media!

Many Parents Giving Their Babies Outlandish Names — To Stand Out On Social Media!

LONDON — Each new generation of parents are faced with a unique set of challenges that their parents before them never encountered. Times change, and society evolves, that’s certainly nothing new. However, a recent survey of 1,772 British parents finds that many may be doing their children a serious disservice all in the name of potential social media followers. In all, 7% of respondents said they’ve already given their baby a made-up name and 65% are at least willing to consider such a move.

A few examples of these new age baby names include Jaspin, Elisobelle, Wrenlow, and Maevery. Don’t see any names you like? How about Tovin or Evabeth?

Even if they themselves aren’t willing to choose such a name, a staggering 94% of respondents admitted that made up baby names are very much “in” these days.

Apparently these parents believe they are helping their kids by selecting a rarer name. The survey, commissioned by ChannelMum, noted that 72% of all respondents believe a unique name will help their child stand out from the crowd. Another one in 50 chose a made up name for their baby with social media in mind. A more unique name means their child’s social media account will be that much easier for potential followers to find.


If you’re on the lookout for a unique baby name, take a look at some of the most popular “new age” names among respondents:

Top 10 New Age Boys’ Names:

1. Jaspin
2. Charleston
3. Brigham
4. Ranger
5. Wrenlow
6. Eastley
7. Graylen
8. Albion
9. Tovin
10. Cedar

Top 10 New Age Girls’ Names:

1. Maevery
2. Faelina
3. Idalia
4. Evabeth
5. Tessadora
6. Anaveah
7. Jessalie
8. Sylvalie
9. Sophiel
10. Elisobelle

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