Bang: USA emerge from the earth!

Dienstag, 19. Mai 2020

Washington (dpo) – This is only logical: After it has already adopted the Paris climate protection agreement, Unesco and the UN Human Rights Council and has stopped all payments to the World Health Organization, the United States has now taken the next step: at the direction of President Donald Trump left the United States today with immediate effect. For the first time in its history, the country is no longer part of the planet.

“We no longer want to be part of a celestial body that does not primarily focus on US interests,” Trump said. The United States’ membership of the earth has been shamelessly exploited by other countries for centuries, Trump said – a practice that is finally coming to an end under him.

The US President tweeted:

The United States has already solved several political problems by leaving the world. Illegal immigration from Latin America has practically dropped to zero, making the construction of an expensive wall superfluous. It would also be impossible for pandemics to be brought into the USA from abroad in the future.

In addition, the United States will save a triple-digit billion amount by leaving NATO’s earthly defense alliance and breaking off all trade relations characterized by import surpluses.

Where the journey will take for what was once the third largest country in the world in terms of area is still unclear. At the moment, the US is apparently heading for the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, where they suspect a larger oil deposit.

Experts believe that the first extraterrestrial country in human history will sooner or later conquer a new planet with the help of the Space Force newly founded by Trump.

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