#BunkerBoy Trump mocked for telling mayors and governors ‘most of you are weak’ after reports he hid from protesters

President Donald Trump lashed out at mayors and governors in a conference call about the protests across the nation in the wake of multiple deaths of unarmed people of color.

In the call, Trump told the leaders “most of you are weak,” and then proceeded to tell them they must arrest and jail protesters for 10 years.

It was a comment that prompted many to mock the president because less than 24 hours earlier, Americans learned that Trump was rushed to the White House bunker on Friday, when just a few hundred protesters surrounded the building on Friday. As protests escalated Saturday and Sunday, the crowds grew larger and more hostile. It’s unclear if Trump spent Saturday and Sunday night in the bunker as well.

Regardless, it led the internet to craft the hashtag #BunkerBoy and #BunkerBitch.

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