The Bizarre Downfall of a Neo-Nazi Who Used a COVID Protest to Target Jews

A neo-Nazi who showed up to an April coronavirus protest in Ohio with a sign calling Jews “the real plague” was quietly arrested three weeks later and has been in jail ever since.


Matthew Slatzer, 36, of Canton, Ohio, was arrested on May 8 by an FBI task force for allegedly skipping three court-appointed drug tests while awaiting trial on a state felony charge involving a gun, according to records reviewed by The Daily Beast in partnership with The Informant, a publication covering hate and extremism. Slatzer also had ties to another neo-Nazi who died in a gun battle with the FBI just as COVID-19 lockdowns set in, though his arrest does not appear to be connected to that case.


The arrest came after Slatzer and another man, who has not yet been identified, showed up at the state capitol in Columbus on April 18 as part of a larger protest against lockdown orders issued to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Slatzer and the second man became prime examples of how such protests—which took place across the nation prior to more recent unrest over the death of George Floyd in police custody—drew extremists into the fold.


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