Because of human rights violations: North Korea imposes sanctions on the United States

Pyongyang (dpo) – The measure is full: The North Korean government has today imposed severe economic sanctions on the United States for continuing human rights violations.

When President Kim Jong-un signed a law, he condemned police violence and institutional racism in the United States.

“This is not the way to deal with your own people,” he said, and noted with applause from his assembled generals: “There is not a single case of police violence against minorities in North Korea because we do not have any minorities.”

The sanctions include, among other things, that North Korean companies will not be able to deliver any police equipment or weapons to the United States in the future. In addition, all of Pyongyang’s development programs in the United States are stopped and US citizens’ accounts with North Korean banks are frozen.

In the past, Kim Jong-un has repeatedly criticized the United States for its nuclear program, torture, internment camps, and the planned construction of a wall in the south.

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