Ouch! Trump senior legal advisor stomps on CNN Stelter’s pious meltdown: ‘You’re not a journalist, Brian. You’re an activist’

CNN’s Brian Stelter made multiple failed attempts to blast President Trump but was destroyed on the air by a legal adviser to the Trump campaign.

Senior Legal Advisor to the Trump Campaign, Jenna Ellis, held Stelter’s feet to the fire in a heated exchange on “Reliable Sources” Sunday as he repeatedly talked over her and ultimately resorted to personal attacks when she confronted the “fake news” media’s bias against the president

Stelter was apparently so triggered by Ellis and her truth bomb about the media that he warned her that her future grandchildren would even be embarrassed by her remarks. The Trump campaign’s 2020 deputy communications director issued a statement following the interview, calling out Stelter for his “sexist and demeaning”comments toward Ellis as well as his “on-air meltdown.”

The delusional CNN host, who took issue with being outed for not being a journalist, had confronted Ellis about the president’s criticism of Comcast, the parent company of MSNBC and NBC News.

“Comcast is known for its terrible service. On top of that they provide FAKE NEWS on MSDNC & @NBCNews. Drop them and go to a good provider!” the president tweeted over the weekend.

Citing a former Obama administration official, Stelter attempted to show how Trump’s tweet was an abuse of power.

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