The Michael Flynn Case: Harbinger of a Constitutional Crisis?

Republicans and Democrats alike are missing the full scope of what the Obama administration’s attack on Lt. General Michael Flynn means for constitutional government. The systematic campaign to undermine an incoming presidential administration through politicized investigations is not another political scandal, but threatens a true constitutional crisis.

Flynn’s treatment by the Obama administration’s FBI and DOJ seems to be a case study in how administrative elites, charged with executing the law, undermined the very rule of law. Our country was founded on fundamental republican principles: equal rights, individual liberty, and the consent of the governed. These sacred rights are secured, protected, and perpetuated by our civilization’s greatest political achievement: the constitutional rule of law. And while often taken for granted, the peaceful and unobstructed transition of power from one presidential administration to the next, frequently from the control of one political party to its political opposition, is the crown jewel of the American constitutional system.

If the actions now becoming known are true, the Obama administration subverted these fundamental principles and undermined the rule of law by employing the nation’s intelligence apparatus to interrupt the transition of power to the Trump administration, which was duly elected by the American people.

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