Joe Biden’s Systemic Socialism

Over his first 100 days, Joe Biden embarked on a mission to fundamentally change America. He discarded the carefully cultivated image of a moderate dealmaker that he campaigned on and embodied for most of his 50-year career in politics, and embraced a newfound persona as the next FDR.

He’s received plaudits from socialist Bernie Sanders, “squad” member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Elizabeth Warren, who recently said that we’re so close to enacting the socialist agenda she’s long advocated for that she can “taste it.”

Unfortunately for the American people, Biden’s “new New Deal” is taking our country down a path all too familiar to those who study history. While Democrats talk incessantly about supposed “systemic racism” lurking around every corner, the real enemy we face is the systemic socialism that Joe Biden and his Democratic allies on Capitol Hill and in state capitols around the country are foisting upon us.