Ohio State investigation alleges Cleveland-area massage therapist exploited football players for sex

Nine players either interacted with the woman or knew about her from other players. Another 20 said they received massages only, and five admitted during interviews they engaged in sexual activity with the therapist. All characterized the sex as consensual.

Were NCAA rules broken?

The outside investigation determined that the therapist had no connection to Ohio State University or the athletic department. The firm said it reviewed “lists of donors to the OSU Athletic Department, OSU Booster Clubs, and lists of individuals who are or have been associated with the OSU football program.”

Per the report, “The facts indicate that she seemed to be acting for her own sexual gratification and that she acted alone.”

Smith said that determination ruled out any NCAA violation for extra or impermissible benefits. Smith said OSU did not find cause to self-report any violations to the NCAA. Details of the case were shared with the NCAA, which Smith said concurred no violation occurred.

The investigation also found no evidence of sexual contact between the therapist and players who were minors at the time.

The report also determined no university rules were broken given that no staff members had prior knowledge of the incidents. Barnes & Thornburg, though, recommended turning the findings over to a prosecutor.

According to the report, the therapist occasionally accepted payment for the first massage and refused payment for additional sessions. Often the therapist did not accept payment at all, though she did offer to provide receipts as if the players had paid.

What was the outcome?

On March 22, the therapist surrendered her license to the State of Ohio in lieu of an investigation into allegations she engaged in “sexual misconduct.” The license has been permanently revoked.

David Adams

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