Howie Carr: Mitt Romney gushing over new buddy Joe Biden

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At age 74, Sen. Willard M. Romney has fallen head over heels in love.

With Dementia Joe Biden.

“I do trust the president,” he gushed to ratings-challenged Clinton Crime Family soldier Jake Tapper on CNN Sunday.

Another quote attributed to the junior senator from the Beehive State:

“I do take the president at his word.”

Of course Mitt does. Last Thursday, with the slobbering Romney behind him at the White House, Biden waxed semi-coherent about the wonderful bipartisan deal on the $953-billion so-called “infrastructure” bill.

Two hours later, with Romney back in his Capitol Hill office, probably tweeting out valentines to himself under his Pierre Delecto pseudonym, Biden did a total 180 and told the press, “If this is the only thing that comes to me, I’m not signing it.”

So like John Kerry before him, Biden was for the bill before he was against the bill.

And then Biden flip-flopped again.


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