Mom gunned down during trip to drop off son at Naval Academy: Police

“Somebody has lost their mom on the proudest day, probably, of her life.”

Michelle Cummings, 57, was sitting on a hotel patio, enjoying the breeze, when she was shot multiple times just after midnight on Tuesday, Annapolis Police Chief Edward Jackson said.

Cummings didn’t appear to be the intended target, police said.

Cummings and her husband were in Annapolis to bring their son, a football prospect, to the U.S. Naval Academy, Jackson said.

Her son, Midshipman Candidate Leonard Cummings III, graduated this year from the Naval Academy Preparatory School in Rhode Island, and is an incoming freshman for the Naval Academy Class of 2025, the Academy said.

Last year, when he committed to the Naval Academy, Michelle Cummings told ABC Houston station KTRK-TV, “I love this kid dearly … We could not ask for a better son.”

Rachel Byrd of the FBI said Wednesday, “I know the pride she must have felt bringing her son to start his new life … only to have her life cut senselessly short.”

Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley told reporters Tuesday, “This city’s heart is broken.”

“Somebody has lost their mom on the proudest day, probably, of her life,” he said.