Hobby Lobby: Make America Dark Ages Again!

Theocracy has been and is one of the most successful systems of government ever devised. Christian theocracy has brought us the Dark Ages and the global capital of corrupt hypocrisy: The Vatican. Modern-day theocracies such as Mauritania and Afghanistan are also good examples of the roaring success of theocratic rule. The Green family, who own Hobby Lobby, recognize this fact and therefore decided to celebrate Independence Day with a full-page ad in newspapers and shared via social media calling for theocracy in the US. The ad features (edited and out-of-context) old quotes of more or less famous white Christian men, which taken together forcefully argue that:

The only good citizen is a Christian citizen. How that works out can be seen in stratospherically successful countries like East Timor, Armenia and Papua New Guinea, where >98% of the population identifies as Christians.

All three branches of government should be run by Christians. Other successful countries that have such a religious test for government are Iran, Yemen and Sudan, and of course England at the time of the American Revolutionary War.

Schools, colleges and universities should indoctrinate their students in the Christian faith. The rationale for this can be illustrated by for example Liberty University, which very successfully and consistently ranks in the bottom 25% of US universities.

It is a bit remarkable that this ad was run on the day celebrating the freedom from theocratic rule, but that factoid should not distract us from its positive message.

What is your opinion about a company celebrating Independence Day by issuing a loud call for Christian theocracy in the US?