Florida father furious to discover his 7-year-old daughter’s school has been TYING a mask to her face with rope every day. She has Down syndrome.

“When she got off the school bus, she was wearing a mask … But it wasn’t enough that she was wearing a mask because she’s a special need non-verbal Down syndrome child, who, by the way, three weeks earlier, the school district had called the parents and said your daughter is taking her shoes off in school could you help us to make sure she keeps her shoes on. They were willing to call about that.”

“When her father saw her get off the school bus she was wearing a mask and it was tied around her head with nylon rope. The mask was full of saliva. The girl couldn’t breathe. Father’s furious.”

“So, he went to the school, and he talked to the school and he found out they didn’t do it that day. They had tied this mask around her face every single day for the previous six weeks that she was in school. They just forgot to take it off that day before they sent her home.”

“So, when the parent said, ‘What on earth were you thinking?’ to the teacher and to the principal, their answer was, ‘The school board told us that our students all had to wear masks.'”

There’s a special place in hell for the three people who did this to this girl. This girl experienced real child abuse at hands of the Brevard County school board.”