KKK Member Posing By Glenn Youngkin’s Bus Turns Out To Be Ralph Northam

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA—A KKK member posing outside Glenn Youngkin’s bus, ostensibly to support the gubernatorial candidate, has turned out to actually just be Governor Ralph Northam in his trusty Klan hood.

“We’re all in for Glenn! We’re all in for Glenn!” the man in the white hood chanted as Youngkin’s bus pulled into a campaign stop in Charlottesville. “We racists love Glenn. Vote for Glenn! We are not associated with the Democratic Party whatsoever, despite the white robe and hood! Go, Republicans!”

One group of curious youths, who had arrived there in a van, was determined to get to the bottom of who exactly this KKK member was. “Something seems a little sus here,” the group’s leader said while hiding behind the bus. He leaped out and pulled the hood off the KKK member. “Why, it’s Ralph Northam! Zoinks!”