#ImpeachBiden Trends on Twitter as Frustration over His Policies Mount

Biden hasn’t just had a bad week or two, he’s had a bad month. His policies have largely failed to do anything good for America, whatever his lackeys proclaim on Twitter.

Whether it’s a war with Ukraine that almost no one who would actually have to go fight it wants to happen, open border policies that are placing a heavy burden on border communities and all those towns and cities that he’s shipped the illegals off to, or fiscal policies that have led to Jimmy Carter-like inflation levels, Biden’s presidency has been disastrous and Americans are finally waking up to it.

Those many failures and bad for America policies have not just led to an awakening of anti-Biden sentiment, but for open displays of such sentiment to go mainstream. What started with “f*** Joe Biden” and “let’s go Brandon” chants at football games turned into nationwide, continuous ridicule of the senile president.