May We All Experience Rocket-Propelled Go Kart Levels Of Joy Someday

The man you see above is “Rocketman” Robert Maddox, and he, quite simply, has a need for speed. A need so mighty that he can’t help but break out in joy when he obtains it.

Maddox has been building rockets since he was 17, according to Silodrome. He’s best known for building beautiful jet-powered motorcycles and a slightly less beautiful jet-powered Jaguar S-Type. There’s no form of transportation Maddox won’t slap one of his pulse jets on to, but the most fun per gallon must be his kart, The Beast:

Maddox initially apologized for the shaking camera work, but the video is honestly perfect. Watching a speed addict get his fix by screaming across the desert at 90 miles per hour with a loud, glowing red rocket engine to his back is a celebration of existence I did not know I needed today. He says in the video the kart can go twice that fast, but he he doesn’t want to risk steering it one-handed at those speeds. Safety is always in the top five when you strap yourself to your homemade pulse rocket propelled kart.