Here’s the economic data Biden doesn’t want you to see

Yes, the unemployment rate is quite low, at 3.6%. That’s a strong data point in Biden’s favor.

However, the labor force participation rate still hasn’t recovered to its pre-pandemic levels because a significant number of people aren’t looking for work (and thus not counted in the unemployment rate). Many workers remain on the sidelines, perhaps because of dysfunctional COVID-era welfare programs, childcare issues, or a number of other reasons.

And that’s just the start.

The economy is shrinking, not growing.

Inflation is at a 40-year high and will cost the average family more than $5,000 this year just to maintain the same standard of living.

Gas prices are at an astounding $4.95 per gallon nationwide, roiling people and disrupting our lives.

A massive labor shortage, dysfunctional big government regulations, and other issues are plaguing our supply chains and leading to shortages of essential goods, such as baby formula.

After you factor in inflation, real wages are declining, not going up.

Oh, and despite Biden’s claims that his agenda has spurred job growth, we actually created fewer jobs in 2021 than we were projected to create if Biden’s “stimulus” legislation hadn’t passed at all.

You get the picture.